Steven Backenstoes

Creative technology professional with over 15 years of live sound experience; a collegiate music education; a knack for web backend development; and a diverse history of recording, mixing, and media production.

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Core Skills

● Proficient in Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Harrison Mixbus, Ableton Live, Final Cut Pro, Q-Lab, CaptureOne, and Photoshop
● Experience managing networked audio systems
●Audinate Dante Certification, Level 3
● Working knowledge of soldering and electronics
● PHP and JavaScript
● Knowledge of camera operation and photo/video post-production



Bassist, "Deck the Halls"
Busch Gardens Williamsburg
- Williamsburg, VA

● Electric bass for big-band-style stage show; 13-30 shows/week


Audio Technician
Hershey Entertainment and Resorts
- Hershey, PA

● Mixed 6-piece theatrical stage show with instrumental stem tracks; 24 shows/week
● Equipment: Yamaha LS-9, Shure ULX-D, Fostex D-160


Studio Intern
The Headroom
- Philadelphia, PA

● Assist in daily studio operations, session setup/strike, tracking, editing, rough mixing, and client development
● Equipment (abbr.): Neotek Series II; Preamps: Neve, API, Daking, Calrec; Compression: Empiracle Labs, Daking, Chandler, DBX; Plugins: Waves, Soundtoys, Slate, Fab Filter


Audio Technician
Hershey Entertainment and Resorts
- Hershey, PA

● Summer: Live sound for 5-piece vocals with instrumental stem tracks; 30 shows/week
● Cross-trained on 7-piece Funk/Horn Band
● Fall: Live sound for 6-piece rock group.
● Equipment: Yamaha LS9 (with StageMix), Shure Microphones, Q-Lab 4 (with Q-Lab Remote) 


Audio Technician
Mansfield University Music Theatre
- Mansfield, PA

● A-1 for productions of “Young Frankenstein”, “West Side Story”, and "The Music Man"
● Basic sound design
● Productions up to 32 channels
● Equipment: Yamaha CL5 (and DANTE peripherals), Shure ULXD, AKG C1000 S 


Audio Technician
Hershey Entertainment and Resorts
- Hershey, PA

● Mixed 5-piece a cappella group; 30 shows per week
● Equipment: Yamaha 01v, Yamaha LS9 (with StageMix), Shure Microphones 


Steadman Studios
- Mansfield, PA

(Studio Manager '16, President '16-'18)
● Recorded, edited, mixed and/or mastered live studio sessions, large-ensemble recording sessions, and television broadcasts
● Equipment: Avid Pro Tools HD 8, AKG/Shure/Earthworks/Mojave/Neuman Microphones, Digidesign D-Command Control Surface 


Jazz Audio Technician,
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
- Mansfield, PA

● Live sound technician for "Big Band"-style ensemble and 8-12 voice vocal jazz ensemble
● Equipment: Allen & Heath GL2400-32, Behringer X32/S32, Shure Microphones, Crown Amplifiers, QSC Speakers 

ca. 2003-08/2014

Audio-Visual Technician
CrossPoint United Methodist Church
- Harrisburg, PA

● Provided live sound, lighting, and video services for hundreds of events.
● Assisted with installing new A/V systems as the church grew
● Equipment: Presonus StudioLive24, Sennheiser Microphones, Crown Amplifiers, JBL Speakers


Mansfield University of Pennsylvania — Mansfield, PA
Completed 120+ credits towards B.M. Music Technology

Coursework in Recording, Mixing, Music Theory, Video Production, Saxophone, and Piano

Selected Credits

"Who Will Take The Trash Out When We're Gone?" - Trash Boy (LP); Add'l Engineer
Natural, Everyday Degradation” - Remo Drive (LP); Recording Assistant [Intern]
Sleigh Bells Ring” - MU Choirs (TV Broadcast); Mastering Engineer
Grant Us Peace” - MU Choirs (TV Broadcast); Recording Assistant
"The Music Man" - Mansfield University Theater Dept.; Audio Technician
West Side Story” - Mansfield University Theater Dept.; Audio Technician
Young Frankenstein” - Mansfield University Theater Dept.; Audio Technician
A Merry Mansfield Christmas“ - MU Percussion Ensemble (LP); Engineer
Harmonie” - MU Concert Choir (LP); Engineer
Requiem for the Living” - MU Festival Choir (LP); Engineer



[email protected]
(717) 508-7679